Goodbye my friend!


Menaka was calling my phone in an odd time.. hm, I knew it cant be for any diving business, since sea should be really rough with the south western monsoon season. When I really heard the trembling voice, I felt something is wrong.. then I heard this pathetic story, Nalaka’s untimely death!

I had known Nalaka as a very friendly character who was loved by everyone, since I met him when I started my diving expeditions. He was a superb PADI (Professional association of diving instructors) dive master who was capable of facing any challenge at sea. I can recollect the nice dives we did together… oh no.. Nalaka is no more!

Nalaka’s tragic death had happened due to a Kite Surfing accident. Since it was windy season, he had tried Kite surfing in the beach, with a rope tied to his body supported by a belt which is not having a release. ( there is a special kind of belt which is used for kite surfing, but he had used something else) He hadn’t used a helmet either! A sudden wind had blown and made him hit the ground once, while he tried to settle down in the correct position, another strong gale had blown towards shore from the sea and struck him on a concrete pillar. This is the exact place that we used to sit and keep on talking about the sea, sharks, whales and of course about our personal lives! According to a witness, Nalaka hadn’t made any movement afterwards; probably his neck had been broken! He further added.. “I have never seen such a pool of blood”

When I reached the funeral house with Kusum, I saw the faded faces of our colleagues who used to be really cheerful people other days.. Even in the coffin, I saw his mild whispering smile from the corners of his lips, which is really unique of him. I doubt whether this one would suddenly say “Koi welaweda machan awe? (when did you come pal?)” When I face shocking moments sometimes, I needed time to believe its not a dream… its not a dream, Nalaka is dead!

Nalaka’s Russian girl friend was returning to Sri Lanka with the news of this tragic incident.” How would she feel about this?” I thought for a while. She had come to Sri Lanka last year for a vacation. That’s when she had met this wonderful guy and decided to spend her whole life with this handsome person. As I got to know, Nalaka had been planning to start a restaurant on his own, with the help of his girl friend, after visiting her country for a short stay. He had been spending the time with extra happiness and enthusiasm on his last few days, not knowing anything about what life had in store for him.

I can still remember the voice of Kalu, the leader of the Blue Deep diving group, ..”I can’t still believe this.. once all the funeral rituals are over, everybody would divert to their normal lives again.. then I will feel the void made by the absence of Nalaka.. What is this life?”

What is this life… We are running this horse race even without knowing where we head..

Will I meet Nalaka again in this chakra of Sansara.. ?

Goodbye my friend! May you rest in peace..


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