Fantasy of curves


I always paint curves,..not just curves.. but my paintings consist of curves but not sharp square type edges. I don’t know whether this has some connection with my indefinite ideas occur in my day to day life. Anyway, Expressing is a healing.

My Mum was always blaming me for painting this kind of complex compositions. Most of all she sees some naked women in my paintings.. hmm.. She is not wrong. Can we figure out what & who inspired our imaginations? Our childhood, experiences, sexuality.. can’t be certain about anything.

For me, beauty is a curve.. it’s artistic and rhythmic...Curves are Romantic.. Natures doesn’t have sharp, trees & rivers.. so is the human body, rhythm of a body of women which makes me (being a male) fascinated. These curves are inter-related.. things are not isolated.. I have connection with other people and things.. I virtually communicate with plenty of people & things, sometimes in a passive manner.. Universe is a massive network of shapes..

World is a beautiful place for me, because it has curves..

Picaso said what you could imagine is real!

Some of the above paintings were not allowed to display in the lobby of my home. This is what I heard from my dad.. “this is really a nice painting, but why don’t you hang it in your room, without hanging it here”


Eppie said...

Lovely paintings! are they for sale?

sumedha Obeysekera said...

Thanks for the kind appreciation.
I am afraid; these are the remaining in my personal collection.
Any way, If I happen to display/sale my new once, will drop you a mail.


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