You have just killed Beethoven!


I got an interesting mail from a friend. Please read it;

“ If you knew a woman who was pregnant, and she had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally retarded, and she had syphilis; would you recommend that she have an abortion?

If you said yes, you just killed Beethoven. “

Anyway, after sometime I wanted to read about Beethoven and saw some incompatibility with the facts I read in the mail. So I managed to dig it & found that the mail wasn’t so correct. Also there had been worse types of the lies. Correction to the mail had been revealed by so many people in the web.  Please read below. 

"Though Ludwig Van Beethoven's parents did have 7 children. Beethoven was NOT the youngest. He was the 2nd born child to his parents on December 17th 1770. The first born was named Ludwig Maria. Though Ludwig Maria did die six days after his birth. There is no knowledge that he was born blind, deaf or mentally retarded.

Though Beethoven's father was a known alcoholic, he was not known to abuse his children. As far as the sniffles argument, the sniffles are simply when you have a stuffy nose from allergies or a cold. It's not a fatal disease. I don't think most people base decisions on weather or not the father to be, happens to have a cold or allergies, and history tends not record every little sneeze a person has during their life. Even if that person is Beethoven's father.

His mother did not have syphilis. She did contract tuberculosis, but not until Beethoven was nearly 20 years old. Beethoven's parents had 5 children after him. Casper Anton Carl, Nikolaus Johann, Anna-Maria Franziska, Franz Georg, and Maria Margareth Josepha. Anna-Maria and Franz Georg both died only days after their birth. None of the children were known to be blind, deaf or mentally retarded. None were ever in a mental institution.

There are many versions to this lie. Some claim that Beethoven was deaf at birth and became a great composer despite this disability. This is also false information. Beethoven suffered hearing loss which was caused by scarlet fever not genetics. He was already an accomplished composer by the time he started to lose his hearing. Beethoven's loss of hearing caused him to withdraw into a deep depression. He withdrew himself from the public and his friends.

Other versions of this abortion argument state that Ludwig Van Beethoven was blind. This was never true at all."

Hm..I am sorry! I too forwarded this in-ethical mail to few of my friends!


Kaminda Berugoda said...

I too got this mail sometime back and it said I have just killed Einstein!!!

Here is something I found in the web :

"The Beethoven example is egregiously misleading. Beethoven was born well over two hundred years ago, in an era when the infant mortality was quite high by modern standards, and even infants who survived were often afflicted with serious health problems. Children didn't die or experience physical problems so frequently back then simply because they were all born to mothers who were themselves in poor health, as is implied here. Offering an *18th century* example in a *20th century* setting is a very poor way of making a serious point.

Also, Beethoven was not born to a woman who "had 8 kids already." Although his mother, Maria Magdalena Laym (nee Kewerich) gave birth a total of eight times during her lifetime, Ludwig was only her third child. (Her first two children, one from a previous marriage, both died in infancy.) Only two of Beethoven's five younger siblings survived beyond their first few years of their life.

Even if we take this example at face value, its message is still problematic. If the woman in the example had been advised to abort her pregnancy based on the (mis)information supplied here, the world would never have known the magic of Beethoven's music. But maybe a different woman who *did* opt to terminate her pregnancy might have spared the world another Stalin or Hitler. This is the sort of speculative "What if?" game that neither side can win, so it's best not to play at all."
Source and further information:

Further information:

sumedha Obeysekera said...

yep.. better analysis. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The miserable logic goes further than that. If every baby should be born because it might be a genius of some kind, then every woman who isn't pregnant that misses becoming pregnant during a fertile period is a criminal, exactly the same way as if Beethoven had been aborted. Every woman, everywhere, should be pregnant ALL THE TIME.

And that would be suicide for the human race, in about two generations now, or less.

Reminds me of that Monty Python song, "Every sperm is sacred".

I never have understood this "Liars for Christ" movement. But they surely do post a lot of lies on the web.

Anonymous said...

Think about what you just said. Every "BABY should be born" because it might be a genius. I agree with that but I'm sure that's not the point trying to be made. It is in the first part you stated. It is a BABY. Apparently you don't consider a fetus a living person. Have you ever pulled up partial birth abortion on the internet, please do. This is not a pro-life definition. It is simpy the procedure used for years. Defended by Bill Clinton in 1995 and 1997. To pull a baby out by their feet, up to their neck, cut the back of their skull, and suck their brains out. If this procedure was done to our beloved animals I can't imagine the uproar.
I do have a question for you or anyone who can give me insight.
If a mother that is less than 2 months pregnant gets in a car accident and killed, and the other person is found to be negligent. How can a state that supports abortion,which is claiming a fetus is not a living person, charge that very person with a double homicide??? It appears that our states are playing both sides. Please don't respond if your a radical nut on either side. I am simply a pro-life person sharing my opinion. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

There was an article a few years ago about a woman who couldn't afford an abortion so she shot herself in the abdomen, killing the fetus. She was charged by the state with third degree murder of a BABY GIRL.

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