Towards a headless society


Running a TV or Radio channel is different than running a grocery. Unfortunately, most of the upcoming Sri Lankan media people don’t realize it. Problem is not with them, but with the background they were brought up. 

In 1980’s, late Mr. J.R Jayawardena told in public, “Literature is useless!” His henchmen beat Late Prof. Sarathchandra. J.R removed literature and history from school subject curriculums. He tried his best to have a headless society so that his “blue blooded” community could dominate them easily…could sell anything for dollars.. If J.R was live, he should be the happiest man in the country ….because these TV / Radio channels work for such a deform society! 

These media institutes themselves don’t have a vision rather than generating profits. Most of the presenters in such channels don’t even know the language or sometimes common sense. TV/Radio presenter is the only job in Sri Lanka that doesn’t need any pre-qualification. 

History shows that, a nation with a strong culture and honor for people can’t be defeated. 

Most of the people work for cheap TV/Radio channels doesn’t realize what sort of harm they do to their mother nation.


Lolitha said...

I agree with you sumedha, eventhough they created this they are unable and unwilling to undo it. A recent example would be an incident one of my fellow songwriters had to face.

This songwriter wrote a sinhalese love song for a blind talented musician who is also playing for studio recordings. They recorded a song which do not belong to either the "Sunflower" style or the "Iraj" style. Which is the simple cause of getting no air time for that song.

Even my songwriter friend had many media contacts, and eventhough media personnel knew that this song could be a hit. They refused to find air time for that song. Even that decision was made against their beleif.

If my fellow musicians wants to create something for this world, it's strongly adviced to consult "Sunflower", "Seeduwe Sakura", "Flashback", "Iraj", "Chinthi" etc.

sumedha Obeysekera said...

Yep! there are a lot more stories similar to this. Nowadays Marketing has become a mafia, which try to change people’s mind as marketer wish, regardless of any other background. Worst part is, new generations simply become victims of this third class entertainment industry.

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