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United Nations Climate Change Conference is now taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. People around the world are now looking at the great leaders, what they going to decide for common future of the world. It seems this could be the last chance to pay our attention towards a generous initiation to act. This is the last chance to change the future.

Environmentalists all over the world are already forcing the authorities to act immediately and genuinely, because they have a lot of doubts, whether leaders would make themselves changed to think in much nature friendly way from their profit oriented thinking pattern. In other words, if Obama does as Bush did, world would be much un-fortunate!

Will hope for the best..! this is the ultimate fight in between profits and sharing.. Cruelty and kindness.. Anyway, this will decide the fate of mankind..

(Above banner is one of the banners viewed in Copenhagen airport as a part of the campaign of forcing the leaders to act today)


Kirigalpoththa said...

Some very interesting banners!

Thanks for sharing them..

sumedha Obeysekera said... is very effective I guess..thats why i wanted to share..thax for the comment.

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