Some Birds Can’t Fly 2.0


This is the second version of my blog! Actually this is nothing much but a better user interface. (I believe so!) Actually, I was bit of hating the previous appearance and started to find a new one, but unfortunately I found I was so choosy in that exercise. Anyway, I am still struggling with converting this to exact thing I really need.

Previous version of Some Birds Can’t Fly (i.e. SBCF 1.0) was successful and I gained a lot from sharing the information and thoughts with people. I measured it basically through the comments given by readers and friends. Of course this blog is like a “Cocktail”! This contained articles on Wildlife, Nature, People, Web development technologies and uncategorized stuff, but all they are my life experiences.

Thank You Very Much!

I have written around 50 posts. Actually, this blog didn’t attract a very big crowd but a decent number (2,505 Visits as at 2010/01/19), but from very different locations (From 67 Countries). I am happy! Thank you very much for being with my blog and encouraging me.


Kirigalpoththa said...

Hi Sumedha,

I like this new design :)

good if you could change the font colors as it is very close to background color.

You have used page links too. Nice!

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