Dive Log - Upath Diyamba Gala


Upath Diyamba Gala is a new diving site in Hikkaduwa and we started this seasons with diving in to it. Site was average by every means. Even though visibility was not that favorable we managed to notice some fishes.

Malfunctioning diving gear!

Anyway, I was not happy with the dive at all because I had to start the dive with some difficulty. When I start descend, I found water coming in to my mouth through the mouthpiece. So I came up again and position the mouthpiece (of second stage) correctly again in my mouth and started to descend, but nothing changed. Then I did one of the biggest mistakes I have ever done in water.. start breath fast with small volumes of air in an increasing momentum which lead me to "lack of oxygen" in body. Actually this is medically an "asphyxiation". I came up again and informed this to the captain of the boat but his advice was what I tried a couple of times already. Anyway, then I switched to alternative air source and get problem solved. While I was doing all the struggle, other buddies were waiting down the anchor line wondering what has happened to me.. That’s the poor start. Anyway, dive was quite good at the end. Anyway, you should never dive if you are not sure about equipment.

I managed to do some swimming though the reef with a snorkel and found a lot of fishes near the coast and that was a good sign.

Diving in Colombo

I guess divers are amazed to hear that a lot of new diving sites have been identified just near Colombo. This is wonderful news and all the credit should go to divers who worked hard to identify those. One stop online diving guide has exposed them here.

Hope of the east

Since, east is now attracting lots of travelers; new diving stations are to be located in east side also. This is a good new too. This makes us dive throughout the year.


Kirigalpoththa said...

Never done diving..Must do it one day..

Thanks for the advice!

sumedha Obeysekera said...

Person like you should try this..of course.

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