Loss of a true environmentalist !


I was so shocked to hear the demise of Piyal Aiya. Mr. Piyala Parakrama had finished his crucial role in Sri Lankan environmental conservation arena, on early this month. It is always sad to hear deaths of good people in times they are needed most..

I first met him when I was a school boy while organizing an activity for world environment day. I think that’s soon after he returned to country completing his studies at Lumbumba Friendship University. Piyal Aiya soon became a very helpful resource to our school environment society.

Afterwards, I identified him as a person with a genuine need to fight back against the ongoing environmental issues. He held a number of positions in various organizations, but as a person he was not bound with any organizational framework. He believed something and he bravely worked to achieve it. That’s his passion.. he worked with government to achieve something, but next day he could be seen in a rally against the government to show his disagreement towards something..

Last time I met him at Jayawardenapura Hospital when I was rushing to see my father who was in critical condition. Piyal Aiya had come to some other matter, but he joined me to visit my father. He wished my father a fast recovery and treated him with his unique pleasant smile...!

I think, Piyal Aiya’s loss is for the country.. Nature and Humanity..

Very sadly, we have to say Bye to this noble person, untimely!


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