Till next migration season comes..


When I heard that the winter is so critical this year, I simply understood that we are getting a better chance of observing migrant birds in Sri Lanka. As I assumed, we could see a lot of migrants this season.

We suddenly decided to do some birding in Annaiwiludawa, not only to observe migrant birds, but mainly our friend Ulinda badly needed to capture some good bird photos during his stay in the country. (Most of the photos displayed in this post have been captured by him) His incomparable photographic gear was supportive of his enthusiasm.

Anyway, we spent a nice birding time at Annaiwiludawa this season. Annaiwiludawa Tank Sanctuary has been appointed as one of the Ramsar site due to its importance. Protected land area consists of 1397 hectares.

Now time has come to say Bye to this un-invited winter visitors! Till next winter..
Below photos are to keep our memories live till then.


Phones said...

nice article

Kirigalpoththa said...

Annaiwilundawa is a great place for bird lovers! Lovely photos!

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