Today is earth day!


We have number of “days” for different reasons. People criticize this because, we allocate days for objectives where we really don’t work for it. There is a women’s day for men who never treat women with the right respect. Peace day is important for people who put the seeds of war.

It is high time we need to think about our earth.. one day is not enough.. survival of life on the earth depends on this.. so we don’t have an alternative!

Please watch the video from greenpeace;

Ban Ki Moon, the defense secretary of USA !


Many people has slammed the US saying it has blood on its hands after a shocking video showed a US aircraft firing indiscriminately towards civilians in Iraq killing atleast 25 of them including two journalists.

Please watch this video.

Now western media together with other intellectuals has started to discuss the impact of existence of the media like Wikileaks in terms of the threat to the national security of powerful governments. Authenticity/ truth of the video is not seems to be taking in to consideration by any of the entities including UN, who is having the responsibility.

Being the first nation in the world who truly irradicated terrorism, Sri Lanka is still suffering from various allegations bombarded from westerners. We need to ask Mr.Moon who is so enthusiastic in that practice, what he is going to do for this even after murderer was caught with bloody hands.

Free media and human rights are two main themes used by powerful governments initiated by US intelligence to interfere in third world countries in order to break their economies. Now it is our time to see how Mr. Obama and Mr. Ban Ki Moon would sit together and sort this out.. Whatever the stories created by them will be spread by western media like nothing.

I personally think, UN hasn’t been this fail in credibility of their work in the past.

This is truly pathetic and dangerous.

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