1000 journals


I always wanted to do something with Graffiti. I believe it as ultimate expressionism. Today all art media have some kind of connection with monitory system. Movies, Books or Paintings are commercial entities. So I like graffiti because it is done just to express something... no rewards.. it’s very powerful, dynamic and people-centric; No rules at all. Recently I found information about a nice self-assign project done by a person to reveal such expressions done by different people in different geographic locations of the world. This project is called 1000 journals.

Andrea Kreuzhage was fascinated about the creativity kept beneath people’s lives. As he says he has been always thinking about what people scrawl on bathroom walls and story behind them. He started a project to pass 1000 journals within people/strangers to express their story in it through a writing/ painting/ abstract or any other way and pass it to next one. This exposed an exciting result. It ultimate became a story of modern mankind; an honest expression of thousands of people who live on earth today. Above clip shows some of the art work done by those unknown people.

please find the full story here.

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