Dark Romanticism


After the dark experiences of a ‘lost revolution’ in 89, Sri Lankan civil society was filled with uncertainty. That was the time I was learning the idea of utilization of art media to express complex thoughts. Each and every painting, poem or drama done by young artists had the significant marks of the Dark Age.

Mostly poem sections of the news papers were flooded with remembrances of tears, bloods and frustration. As an art enthusiast, I like those expressionisms. I enjoyed. I was realizing, even the love and romance took a different shape which maintained the touch of the reality. Poets were scared to be fooled by sky high dreams but the harsh reality that hammered the community in an unforgivable manner.

I always like romantic arts. I like the most of the poems written in that era. I particularly liked the romantic poems written under this context. They were very down to earth, realistic, sorrowful, yet fascinating and romantic. One could argue they were something else, but not me. Of course, they were far different from beautiful songs propagated in 60 and 70 decades.

I still remember most of the poems I kept on reading again and again. Poem section (i.e. Kuw-Muthu) of Divaina Paper, (which is decorated by the sketches of famous artist/cartoonist Vinee Hittigoda) was a very good arena for upcoming poets to express their thoughts. I was among the fans who always wanted to discuss and enjoy. I guess that’s the time I spent most of my time enjoying poems. Such a nice time!

I had to tell all these because I recently read some of my favorite poems of that age and managed to spend hours with those memories. Then I thought of sharing this because, there could be some other people who have the same memory. Below is one of the best romantic poems I enjoyed most. May be Dananjaya, Rasika, Sama, Daminda or Ajith could still remember the words and how crazy we were for post lost revolution poetry of 89’.

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