Sadness, Night and Moon


Moon is a friend of mine! Moon has a very special place within the minds of poets.. anyway, I guess people prefer night when they have to do something with their emotions .. Specially when you want to be alone with the tiny tear drops hidden in the mind. In such occasions, moon becomes the only observer.

When I was young and started to dig the life in my early twenties, I understood the power of sadness and started to enjoy the lonely emotions bombarded in to my mind under the moonlight. It is the time we started to enjoy songs of Kapuge. I could still remember how I saw the tear drops of audience, glittering under the pale lighting of John de Silva theatre, when I first watched his show Kampana. (the shock). Hope Nilantha should be remembering that night we enjoyed the “passion of sadness”. Though I am a non-smoker, we smoked to see whether it will compensate our emotions. Since there were no buses available in the late night, we walked back to home under the moonlight. So whole this useless story was told to tell that I am someone enjoy sadness than joy. People who are in same mind would know the hidden connection among sadness, night and moon. For me moon doesn’t remind me of a beautiful face of a girl, but a very mysterious companion who shares my hidden tears.

Today I am alone and staying in a distance country. I am away from home, wife, baby and Mum.. In most of the nights, I become alone with my emotions and the old companion.. In northern hemisphere, moon is seen bigger than the tropics. In early nineties I saw in a paper, the best poem that tells my story, which revealed that I am not alone with my abstraction.. Its from one of my favorite contemporary Sinhala poets, Chandrasiri Dodangoda (see how Vini sketched it). I think, each word of this poem lies beneath my thoughts till I leave this world.

As a hiker, when I spend countless nights in jungles, I didn’t forget to be with my emotional space with night and moon. Today I am again feeling it. It’s already autumn in southern hemisphere, I can’t be walking outside in the night, but I don’t forget to look at it via my window. Is this sadness? Is this the tragic of loneliness.. I don’t know.
Famous dramatist Dayananda Gunawardena once told, dramas with enjoyable ends would more suitable for tropical countries while, dramas with tragic ends would suitable for countries with cold climates!

Dr. Nalin Suwaris had a very interesting idea about sun and moon. He thinks, sexually, sun is like Man and Moon is like Women. Moon has a cycle of twenty eight days and Sun simply comes to climax every day. In fact, when we look at moon in the night, are we becoming connected with Moon’s feminine features.. is it a healing for ones hectic life.. I know, I am not the only person who has this abstract thought; there are more to come…

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