In fact, I don’t hate bush!


These are three popular figures with their label?

Bush is a bad man. His family business is war. Obama is a smart guy because he came in a long difficult path and became the US president. Again Hilary Clinton is a bitch because she interferes in independent states to empower US agenda. So that’s it. Why it happened that way?

For an example Bush not only killed civilians to invade oil resources of other countries, but approved torturing of war prisoners ignoring human ethics. Under his government, in 2007 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) practiced inhuman torturing techniques against prisoners. Bush government initiated a program (SERE program) just to discover new torturing techniques! Just as you and I worked in our respective professions, two contracted psychologists were busy finding new ways of torturing for Bush. CIA just used them towards prisoners. Torturing methods such as Waterboarding was used too. Waterboarding is a way of torture in which water is poured over the face of a captive, thus causing the individual to experience the terror of drowning. In 2009 Obama banned this... Rationally, he is a good man...

Waterboarding is demonstrated by activists..

If we agree that Bush did all for his greed, we need to accept entire USA including CIA were just watching WTC was blown and pride of USA was destroyed for ones wish. Probably Bush is paid better than Obama for those dirty jobs. There are a lot of benefits of maintaining a bad guy that ugly work could be credited. Bush was born bad and Obama was born good, because “birth” is carefully crafted to do a historical job. I am not happy to call this hidden hand as CIA, because it can be another label/proxy, which could be dumped by another “hero” like Obama. Today’s biggest myth is going after individuals, because Bush or Obama or Rumsfield is not a reality. Since this regime wanted to have a fresh figure with much credibility, western media were the first to criticize Bush and lead people to start go against him. America is good and Bush is bad! Once Bush is gone, again America is clean? There will be a day CIA is bad and it will be dumped too. People would clap for another up-coming hero for dumping CIA. Then again, America is clean and fresh!

This luxury is not with most other countries, including (so called?) poor countries; unfortunately not even with Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan voters vote to change the power while Americans vote to change the facade of power. Power in other countries is person centric. Probably, that’s the reason, a defeated president leave the role with a smiling face in first world while it’s far different in third world. If Obama leave presidency tomorrow what will happen to US? If Mahinda leaves his role, what will happen to Sri Lanka? Wouldn’t it be far different? In USA power is a hidden constitution/scenario and leaders are like virtual realistic models. Not like in Libiya or Iraq this regime is not shown... interfaces are being created time to time, so that anyone can blame them. It can be Bush, Obama, CIA, FBI, Area51, Chupakabra, Alien Colonization or anything... how about UN!

Though, Obama was made to perform differently, war is still continuing. Is this what people expected when he came as hero to the stage in the election time, I wonder. In the election time, famous theme of Martin Luther King, “I have a dream” was used in Obama’s campaigns. Martin Luther King was a leader and activist who believed in non-violent actions towards winning civil rights. This is what he told soon after his visit to India and meet Mahatma Gandhi; "Since being in India, I am more convinced than ever before that the method of nonviolent resistance is the most potent weapon available to oppressed people in their struggle for justice and human dignity. In a real sense, Mahatma Gandhi embodied in his life certain universal principles that are inherent in the moral structure of the universe, and these principles are as inescapable as the law of gravitation." Obama is continuing the assignment he has been assigned and enjoying the brutal killing of a state leader (i.e. Muammar Gaddafi) today. Saddam Hussen was at least brought to a court, though media was covering his death like a flock of vultures who flying after a carcase. Martin Luther King’s dream has nothing to do with Obama for sure. Obama is not a good or bad guy. Just like Bush, he is a facade.

World wars we saw are like Black and white pictures. Cold War too is something we can understand. Current scenario (war?) is far different from any of the earlier eras. This is a fight of manipulation by all means. Afghanistan war was there as it’s not to win or lose. Knowing them as the biggest enemies, all poor countries are meant to listen to World Bank and other organizations...We are programmed to eat poison while we have healthy food in our backyard.. Money is sent to us as "Loans" with a plan to use them.. In a way, it’s better to call this mechanism as “The master plan of manipulation”. Since I am not good in economics or politics, I would like to ask from intellectuals, is this a predicted outcome of corporate capitalism? Are we evolved to accept this?

Evolution of civilization gives man "shocks" in different eras. I am interested in analysing those in terms of expressionism. Anti-art movements were developed as a result of those shocks. Artist becomes a surrealist for a reason. When a painter illustrates a man without limbs and women with a vagina in her face, it gives a serious message about the society. With world wars, again mankind was shocked with depression and the holocaust occur in front of their eyes. This frustrating condition built further unsafe feeling and lack of belief in religions including god. So art media was further curved to express these deformities of the civilization.

In Sri Lankan context, we faced different shocks with open economy, two lost revolutions and activities of terrorism which challenged the foundations of social structure. This replaced “Piyadasa Sirisena” with “Ajith Thilakasena” in literature; replaced “Lester” with “Handagama” in cinema; replaced “Sarathchandra” with “Jayantha chandrasiri” in drama; and so on... whether said or not, big difference of the context of the art done by contemporary artists are parallel to social changes. Will I see empty canvases in next art exhibition in Lionel Wendt art gallery since artist wants to show the emptiness of current situation... or modern Art done with human flesh to show the cruelty of current capitalist society!

What I am really wondering is, whether current art media is enough to express context of hegemony. Am I seeing crocodiles in my tea cup or is there more people who feel this helplessness. If so, are we in front of next era of Anti-art (or x-art)... As an individual, I only feel that I am unable to express this situation through any media. So called modernism is becoming traditional and legacy in front of current complexity. Modernism is no more modern... Surrealism doesn’t express it...

Can Picasso’s Guernica express any of the dynamics of war in Afghanistan?

Even under this feeling, I too have more open questions without answers. Why environmental problem is not addressed by the master plan? (Everybody knows that USA has heavily invested on knowledge) As we know, lives of different people have different prices. So it’s understood, that some of the genocides may have been planned that cost human lives with less economic values, but global worming or ozone depreciation should have been considered seriously, since that decides the common fate of the mankind. Quite democratic! It caters everybody in the same spoon.

Also I am thinking, whether the economic growth of China a mistake? My absurd though hints me of different economic model rather than current monitory system and is master plan already working on it! Finally, China is becoming the richest...while USA is more concerned about the governance of world resources such as Oil... Richness of China is just an agreement (Money is a manmade entity) made through a created concept of the civilization. Does this tell something?

What is being put in store for Sri Lanka. Is it a flight crash for president? , Or another attempt of revolution through new fraction of JVP party.

As a society, we seem to have accepted a force and become wheels of its mechanism. Since we don’t have any other alternative, we have become fake... don’t we...

Probably, I am suffering from mild condition of Schizophrenia, else we all have only one question. Are we real or fake?

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