Song of the River.


This is a book I enjoyed since I was very small. Book consists of a collection of very nice poems. Still I am enjoying this poetry when I have free time.. These Sinhala poems should belong to the Colombo Era (“kolamba yugaya”), if we try to recognize them. Anyway, these poems illustrate very beautiful and strong images in my mind. Simple themes are so nice & background touches the typical Sinhala old villages & people. I am always with these kinds of classical fantasies! 

Please read below poem which was selected from this book. See, whether you can agree with me.. This great poem is by the poet Kudaligama.

This book has been compiled by another poet: Meemana Premathilake. Sunil Madhawa Premathilaka’s father. We will discuss about Sunil Madhawa in some other blog post. He too is a remarkable symbol in contemporary Sri Lankan literature & journalism.  


vaji said...

Will u be able to submit other poems as well contain in this book. I really appreciate for adding this.I have this book at home somewhere but now I'm abroad,really difficult to find some old poems to read. really interesting and one of my favorite book.

Anonymous said...
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Adikari Deepthi said...

thank u very much !Im searching this book for 20 yrs but failed.contacted gunasena samagama also. the most important thing Ive ever seen in internet is this .tell me the way to get a copy ( photo copy) please

sumedha Obeysekera said...

Adikari Deepthi, Pl send me your email address.. I will arrange a way to get this done. Are you in Sri Lanka or somewhere else ?

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