Pledge to go fur-free!


Consumers everywhere need to know the truth about fur. When people learn that millions of innocent animals are beaten, boiled, hanged, and electrocuted for their fur every year ... when they learn that every fur coat, lining, trim, or fur cat toy represents the intense suffering of several dozen animals? and when they learn that furriers intentionally mislabel fur as not taken from dogs and cats or as fake ... then every decent human being will want to go FUR-FREE. is working to educate people of the world about this barbaric trade. If you want to see the real situation please check the Videos in the site. You will be shocked.

Please make sure you are not supporting this trade by any mean.
Please sign the pledge.


Kirigalpoththa said...

I signed the pledge!

sumedha Obeysekera said...


I was really shocked when I saw the Video, that’s why I wanted to share.. Even in the modern context animal torturing is so common..
Ex: Whaling in Japan and Seal Hunts in Canada are happening in massive scale.

Anonymous said...

Eh... I think there are worse things to worry about than animals and the fur trade. I love fur coats, I don't yet own any, but that silly ad makes me want to buy a whole shit load just to spite it. Not to mention the ridiculousness of the notion that depicting a skinned animal will detour anybody from liking what they like. I have skinned a lot of rabbits and it doesn't bother me. So nyah.

sumedha Obeysekera said...

You have a right to be with your idea.. advertisements usually focus on a target group, not you this time.

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