BARAKA – the tragic of civilization ?


BARAKA is an experimental film directed by Ron Fricke and released in 1992. There are no actors; it contains the real scenes captured from 152 (24 countries) locations. There is no traditional story, instead it tells the story of man-kind, its rhythm and tragic through the integration of the scenes in an artistic array. 

Music is very strongly used to stress the image given through the motion of the picture. First, it lines up some scenes from nature, tribal habits different cultures in different parts of the world showing us the equalities and beauty. While proceeding through the film it shows how our civilization became cruel and how our lives become machineries. This line-up is excellent. It makes us re-think about our common fate in this modern society. 

This is a different experience. 

I heard, the next film in the same kind is yet to be released this year, which is called Samsara. 


Kirigalpoththa said...

Must see this! Tks!!

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