Devil’s Staircase.


Driving up to Horton Plains through Devil’s Staircase is fun and adventurous. Of course you need to be extra careful with the condition of your 4WD, yet it is worth making a try.

Actually, Devil’s staircase is the very narrow and hilly path from Bambarakanda, the highest water fall in Sri Lanka to Horton Plains. This path covers very beautiful pathway through misty mountains of Sri Lanka.

As we did, it is so cool to divide the journey to two days (parts). First day, you can reach the Bambarakanda and enjoy the water fall and surrounding.

The nicest part is, you can spend the night in a small homely resort called “Bambarakanda Garden Resort” which is managed by Mrs. Sera Mayakaduwa, (Tel: 0575670457). Even though, you can’t expect a long list of dishes as in a traditional hotel, you can simply ask for a very nice lunch/Dinner as you wish. Mrs.Mayakaduwa’s family is so kind and, will share you their knowledge about the area too.

Second day is the hardest and gives you more fun. Explore the area, enjoy the environment and have fun, but drive carefully. All the best!

Below link gives more accurate advices for the expedition.

Below are some of the memorable photos from our journey, captured by Roshan Kumara.


Kirigalpoththa said...

Lovely post!

Lot of water in the falls on that day. Nowadays tis difficult to see that much of water..

I have stayed at Bambarakanda Resort atleast 5 times since 1999. One of my favourite places in SL!

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